Our Story

“Born to be analyst” was born from a dream of the Founder Adriana. After struggling for a good part of her life with the fact of being a generalist and not finding a place in a world of roles and specialization, one day she realized that was actually a gift. Having worked with multiple industries including Manufacturing, Insurance and Healtchare and online Gaming, and as a external and internal consultant for many years, she decided to follow her passion independently so she could also follow her other passion which is being a location-independent professional. Having lived in many countries across the globe and in different continents, Adriana brings the technical expertise, cultural awareness and extensive multi-cultural experience to this project to create a unique and holistic Concept of Business Analysis Solutions for Companies and Business Analysts around the World.

Our Approach

There is no Project like another. Each company is very specific and although similarities do occur, our basic philosophy is to respect and understand the uniqueness of each customer so we can provide the best service possible. No “one size fits all” or “out of the shelf” solutions here. Our goal is to provide you high-quality exclusive services that fit your reality and address your specific business issues and opportunities.

Meet our Consultants

Adriana Selleri

Founder & Principal Consultant

Passionate Problem Solver with Software Engineering Background, large experience in IT environments ,Traveling addict, cryptocurrencies and women empowerment enthusiast , Adriana brings a new perspective to traditional Business Analysis Consulting

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