Business Analyst X Project Manager

Business Analyst X Project Manager

Maybe you believe a Project Manager and a Business Analyst (B.A.) do the same job? What is the difference between them? This kind of confusion can happen often. In this article, we will explain the main differences between these two roles and how companies can benefit from the collaboration between these professionals.

A Project  Manager works planning and executing activities since the beginning, idealizing, implementing and folowing the progress of projects and their tasks, in a way to achieve predefined goals with predefined resources, tools and rules. A PM can change and correct actions they believe are necessary to complete the projects.

A Business Analyst, in other hand, works from the operational level to a tactic level, understanding the business requirements and creating solutions for processes, tecnologies, people, products, services, fusions and acquisitions.

A BA looks for an specific issue to find the cause for it and proposes the solutions and changes to solve the identified problem, increasing companies profits, using better the resources avaiable for tasks and projects, or defining what kind of resources companies need to use to achieve goals or solve problems.

This two roles maybe look similar, but they are actually complementing each other.

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If a company  can have a B.A. to help a project manager, it can be a strategic advance, in a way that B.A’s can find answers for Project problems that managers sometimes can’t see because they are too involved and B.A’s can see from “outside” creating better solutions, anticipating problems and helping the process in general to achieve company goals.

by Guest Writer Andreia S R

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